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DUE DATE : Wednesday April 2, 2014


DATE : Wednesday April 16, 2014

TIME : 7:00pm to 9:00pm

LOCATION : Uxbridge Community Centre


With a vote of 154 to 41 (72%) in favour of Amalgamation.

Thank you to everyone who came out to vote.

UYHA, OMHA & UMHA Amalgamation Open Letter:

INFORMATION SESSION and to VOTE on the proposed plan for Amalgamation will be as per the following:

DATE : Sunday January 12th, 2014

LOCATION : Uxbridge Community Centre

PRESENTATION : 6:30pm to 7:30pm

VOTING : 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Please click onto the link above for the Amalgamation Presentation

Prior communication regarding the Amalgamation :

Nov 15, 2013

As many of you are aware there have been on-going discussions between the executive of our three associations on the topic of amalgamation. Uxbridge remains one of the very few centres across Ontario that has distinct associations for House League, Girls, and Rep hockey.

A joint Amalgamation Committee with members from each association is now prepared to hold an information session to present our plan for amalgamation. As a voting member you will have an opportunity to raise concerns and ask questions. Following the information meeting we will hold a special meeting during which there will be a vote by the membership of the UYHA and UMHA to determine if we will move forward with amalgamation.

The information meeting date and location is as follows:

● INFORMATION MEETING: Sunday December 8th, 2013. 8:00pm Uxbridge Community Center

We thought we would try and cover what we think will be the most commonly asked questions:

What is the advantage for the kids?

● Ability to offer a comprehensive player development program for kids at all levels

● Coach development and training can be shared from House League to Rep.

● Easier movement of House League players to Rep if they choose.

● As a single Association we can better determine the number and level of teams (e.g. A, AE, MD or Roster Select).

What is the advantage for either Association?

● Eliminate duplication at the executive level... Share our resources and experience.

● Common registration for all players.

● Greater flexibility to use ice time for many purposes through the use of an ice- scheduling committee i.e. goalie clinics, power skating, special events, etc....

When will this amalgamation take place?

We are hoping that we can have a tentative agreement in place for the 2014/15 season.

What will the boundaries be?

There will be no change.

Will House League Games be played out of town?


House league teams will be guaranteed one game and one practice in town per week. (Except MJ and Senior Girls that are guaranteed games only and limited practices) Peewee age group and below are guaranteed weekend games.

Why fix it, if itís not broken?

The simple fact is that it is broken, and has been broken for some time. The Amalgamation Committee has investigated the efficiencies of amalgamating, and reported back to each Association. We are now in a position to present the Amalgamation Committee findings to our members and have you decide for yourself.

What Classification will we be?

Uxbridge is currently an "A" Centre. We will remain the same.

We strongly encourage all of our members to attend the meeting so that you can have all of your questions and concerns addressed.


Richard Davenport -President-UYHA

Dan Pollard -President -UMHA

Gary Vanderveen- Amalgamation Chair NDGHA

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